The main features of bonus hunting in online casinos in Australia

Bonus hunting is one of the most attractive aspects of online gambling. Bonuses help customers to offset unlucky plays and get some additional wins and at the same time they are the most efficient customer-retaining tool that all contemporary online casinos in Australia employ.

What is bonus hunting?


Bonus hunting (also known as bonus bagging) is the act of taking advantage of the incentives that online casinos offer to their customers. It is remarkable that such incentives are designed not only for established players but also for those who are only going to start playing. Here we speak about the so called welcome bonuses. The higher is a welcome bonus, the bigger are the odds that the player will prefer to opt for this very casino, disregarding the others.

Once you started playing, you may start hunting other bonuses such as free spins and games, promotions, special prizes etc. Nowadays online casinos in Australia provide an extremely wide range of bonuses many of which are quite profitable. Still, some argue that bonuses are less worth being hunted for. In many respects it is certainly harder than it used to be, but there are also a lot more casino sites than there used to be which give good opportunities for bonus hunting.

Bonus wagering requirements

In bonus descriptions you will come across symbols like x10 or x20. These are the so called wagering requirements, or wagers.

The thing is that quite few bonuses are given totally free. Despite the meaning of the word bonus itself, almost all casino bonuses need to be wagered. A wagering requirement is the number of times a player has to play through a bonus before he will able to withdraw any wins. That is, if you were awarded AUD100 as a bonus and the wagering requirement is 10, then you have to spend next AUD1000 on eligible games. x20 is considered to be the normal wager, so it is recommended to make sure that you play games with this or smaller wager more frequently than other games.

Wagering requirements become valid immediately after the bonus is credited to your account. From that moment, your play-through requirements will be stored in a pending balance. After you hit the necessary number, you will be able to transfer your wagering requirements to your main wallet and then to unlock your win.

Wagering requirements depend not only on a casino but also on a particular game you play. Pokies usually require the smallest wagers (around 5 per cent) while blackjack, baccarat and other card games have much higher requirements (roughly from 10 to 40 per cent). As for roulette, here wager may be even close to 100 per cent.

In many cases the wagering requirements can be met by playing in specific games. Some casinos even go so far as to impose time restraints, making their customers to clear their bonuses within a certain period of time. If one of these conditions is applied, the bonus turns out to be much less profitable than it can be judged from its wagering requirement.

Despite the clear advantages that bonus hunting is for the casinos themselves, they are not eager to provide as many bonuses as possible. Players who often win using bonuses may be labeled “bonus abusers”. Besides, there have been several cases of fraudulent behavior when casinos suddenly changed the wagering requirements when the players were almost there and made them meet the requirements once again. That is why a big portion of playing disputes is related to bonuses. You should check the terms very carefully each time you decide to use a bonus and play only in reliable and long-term gambling establishments.

No deposit bonuses

If a play-through requirement is the only obligation you have to fulfill, then you are dealing with a so called no deposit bonus. Hopefully, the vast majority of bonuses in Australian online casinos are of a no deposit type.

However, sometimes you may come across the term Bonus+Deposit. This means that in order to meet wagering requirements, you will have not only to play through the requested sum but also to make a new deposit. If possible, opt for no deposit bonuses (frequently denoted simply as B) since they are, obviously, easier to be wagered.

Cashable vs sticky bonuses

Here is another classification of casino bonuses which is quite important.

Cashable bonuses are the bonuses which can be withdrawn immediately after you meet the wagering requirements. Until that moment they remain frozen, so in case you broke even pretty close to the end, you will not be able to get your bonus but at least some chances exist.

Sticky bonuses are given up front and this makes your odds to meet the play-through requirements slightly higher, but at the same time such bonuses cannot be withdrawn at all. They get stuck at the online casino, and this is where their name comes from. The vast majority of gamblers never pay attention to that but on many Australian casino sites you will see a note in very small letters, saying something like “the bonus is for play purposes only and is not subject to withdrawal.”

In other words, you may play with them as much as you wish but you will never be able to cash them, no matter how fast you meet the wagering requirements. Though you are entitled to get whatever you win with a sticky bonus, you will not get any real money as the return of the bonus itself.

There are two main types of sticky bonuses. Type 1 bonuses look fine until you meet your wagering requirements and attempt to make the first withdrawal. At this stage the bonus simply disappears from your account and is never seen again. Such bonuses are often called “phantom” bonuses and are the most common type.

Type 2 sticky bonuses are pretty rare. They do not disappear from your account and are quite visible during all future games. However, you are still unable to withdraw them.

Still, casino bonuses can be quite profitable and they certainly make gambling much more thrilling. Be sure that you choose the bonuses that look most profitable and easy-to-play-through and enjoy the game!