Black jack for smart players

Blackjack is played both online and in land casino in Australia even more than such a popular roulette. Why is that? Perhaps, this is because only this gamble allows keeping control over the results and not only relying on fortune. Thus it is a highly profitable gambling if a player is lucky and smart enough to apply the winning strategy. He can influence on the result of the game making right decisions. It’s up to him whether to stand refusing another card, to split placing a second bet, to hit taking a card from a dealer, or to double down increasing his bets and standing. Upon that the blackjack rules are slightly different in various casinos and this fact makes it complicated to master this game. So, one should be clever, experienced enough and aware of local variations to reach the best results. It goes without saying that basic rules should be learnt as they say by heart.

Where to play online blackjack?

Blackjack guide

Blackjack is also known as Hit or Stand game played against a dealer though a table there can be several people playing individually against the dealer. Its goal is to beat the dealer’s hand but not to exceed 21. Each card has its nomination: aces are worth 1 or 11, and face cards are equal to 10 points each, the cards from 2 to 10 remain their value. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to play online or offline you want to find a table, where blackjack is played, and start the game by means of making a bet. The bet can be made by using money or chips, relating to the table you’re sitting at. Again you’ll usually use a chip in order to bet in off line games.  The color whether playing online or offline is used to keep track of how much you’ve got in front of you simply with no having to ‘count’ your own money. Put your bet by putting your money opposite you so that you could see how much you want to stake on the following hand. If you’re playing off line, the dealer can wait till there’re 3 of you sitting at the table (the dealer, you and one more player) at least simply to make it exciting, but playing online you’ll find that hardly ever will you have to wait for playing as there’re always tables playing and you are able to jump in whenever you want. Before dealing any cards, all the wagers or bets must be put. After that the dealer will put 2 cards to all the players and then 2 cards to himself. All the time the dealer deals to him/herself last. Dealing the cards to himself the dealer will put one card down and one face up. In some systems it’s called the ‘house account’ as well. After the first hand a player gets two cards and looking into them he must decide what should be done further. He can hit and get another card. He can stand and refuse another card ending his turn in this manner. He can announce blackjack if he gets Ace and 10 making 21 together. Usually a player wins 1.5 the amount of his bet. On a second card-hand a player can double down if he is quite sure of his cards. In this case he hits and doubles his initial bet though he gets only one card when doubling a bet. The player can split if he gets a pair of cards. If there is no blackjack until all the players are satisfied with their cards, the dealer opens his cards. Those players who beat the dealer should be paid in accordance with their bets, and those who don’t – lose their bets. There are additional actions like:

  • insurance that can be taken when a dealer faces up his cards starting with Ace and thus there is high degree availability that he has 21, so a player can receive 2 dollars for each dollar.
  • surrender that can be made by a player before the dealer checks his 21 or later and allows him to get half of his bet.