Paysafecard – depositing on condition of anonymity


PaySafeCard has been a popular payment method to use in Australia ever since. It provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to deposit funds at most online casinos. It is much in demand with Aussies as far as it is really convenient to load accounts using this prepaid banking solution. The cards are issued with the several nominal values: $ 10, $ 25, $ 50 or $75. If there is a need in a larger amount, one can use up to ten cards of any available denomination at one time. Nowadays thousands of websites accept PaySafeCard. In order to deposit one should just enter the 16-digit pin code developed to make the operations with cards safe and secure. And the specified sum of money will be on the account of the online casino in no time. The player is not expected to deliver any personal information over the Internet. This method allows keeping privacy completely.

The company was established in 2000 in Austria. The four founders created the “cash for the internet” system identifying it by name “PaySafeCard”. It was intended just to arrange payments in online shops countrywide. Step by step PaySafeCard conquered Europe, USA and other states all over the world including Australia in 2013. Now they offer both physical cards and also the so-called e-vouchers being just printed receipts. The company has launched its free application full of helpful services and features. One can even control all the transactions and cope with the purchased PaySafeCard PINs through a personal account. Since 2013 this system has become a part of the well-known Skrill Group.


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