Allow your payments with Skrill!


Since 2001 the payment provider Skrill has been transferring money online, which includes the processing of online gambling transactions. Before 2011 Skrill had been known as Moneybookers. The rebranding was carried out with the purpose of improvement of the company’s image involving new services intended for mobile devices. And as the result its name has been changed to Skrill. Now it is regarded as one of the largest and most reputable companies of the world offering simple, safe and fast payment processing. Its great recognition is proved by over 36 million customers in more than 200 countries including Australia. Among its rivals they define such payment services as PayPal or Neteller.

In order to join Skrill one is expected to sign up on the website of the company and create his own online wallet. The money kept on this wallet can be used to make deposits at an online casino as well as to effect other payments within the Internet. Trusted by its customers Skrill is very convenient allowing moving funds anytime and anywhere providing only email address and password. Its priority is security of transactions that is why it keeps personal and financial information of its customers safe. Skrill imposes a range of fees, which can be regarded as the reasonable price for the service of high quality.


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